Here are a few images from Lindsey & BJ’s wedding a few weeks ago at Scarritt Bennett in Nashville.

Lindsey & Brandon

The Nashville Chamber Players & Julie Cox played during the ceremony. Hint to our upcoming brides: String quartets are awesome, so you should get one if you don’t have one already.

One Source Weddings took care of the decoration for the ceremony (among many other things)–I don’t think I’ve ever seen that sanctuary look so great. For the girls who are reading this (guys, skip this part): They lined the aisle with large vases filled with water and flowers; the vases were then topped with floating votives. Very classy, very romantic. Great ambient feel.

Now, for any GUYS reading this, listen up (ladies, you can skip this part): There were tons of huge glass vases filled with flowers going down the aisle… But then they poured water in to completely submerge all the flowers… and on top of that… are you ready? Floating FIRE! Why didn’t I think of something like that for our wedding? I mean… Don’t get me wrong–fire is awesome. We had candles. But fire… that is FLOATING?? YES!

OK, now that that’s out of the way, gals are welcome to join in again.

Onto the reception. Our favorite DJ! The man! (Not to be confused with “the MAN” if you know what I mean… that reminds me, April 15th is approaching…) Anyway–the man! DJ Doug Griffin kept the party going at the Hermitage Hotel. I don’t even know what it is about Doug. He just has “it.”

Matchless Limo drove Lindsey & BJ away in a sweet vintage Jaguar. Hint to our upcoming grooms: Rent an awesome car so we can take some great photos of you with it.

Ok, stop. When you were reading that in your head, how did you just pronounce “Jaguar”? Ever since I saw the commercials, I am now forced to say the new and improved three-syllable “Jag-yew-uh”. As opposed to the old two-syllable “Jag-wharrr”

Hey! That gives me a good idea. We would like to see some more user interaction on our blog–therefore, as of right now, we’re going to occasionally have interactive polls. Maybe sometimes they’ll be about something serious. But this first one is going to satisfy a little bit of my curiosity for the sake of fun. Before you look at the poll, if you choose to read this, you are required to answer! 100% participation, folks. Ok, here we go:

Let’s see, where was I? I think that about wraps it up. Your images are turning out great Lindsey & Brandon… can’t wait for you to come see them!


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