As I’ve mentioned before in a previous post, we love St. Patty’s Day around here! I mean, who doesn’t love a day filled with fiddle music and leprechauns?

As we plan to stay home tomorrow in light of current events, I’ve done a quick deep dive into Pinterest and YouTube for tomorrow’s festivities. I thought I’d share them here with you in case you’d like to join in on the fun! :)

Leprechaun Traps:

We made ours today, but we usually don’t remember until Saint Patrick’s Day so if you’re just getting started day of, fret not! :) Some people tell their kids the leprechauns leave treats and they have to catch them the night before Saint Patrick’s Day.

I feel like that’s a lot of unneeded pressure. I’m already doing well to remember the Tooth Fairy and Santa, so we just enjoy the possibility that we *could possibly maybe* catch a leprechaun at any point during the week of St. Patty’s and leave it at that. ;)

There are some fun ideas for traps if you’re looking for inspiration here and here.

Irish Soda Bread:

We are going to be trying this recipe out tomorrow. It has the words “Super Simple” in it, so it sounds like my kind of recipe. Wish us luck!

Poetry Tea Time

This is not an exclusively St Patrick’s Day thing, but we love a good Poetry “Tea” Time at our house so we use any opportunity to work one in. I use quotes because our “tea” is usually La Croix or milk served in fancy cups, but the principle is the same, right?

If you’ve never done a poetry tea time, you should try it! Set out fun mugs or fancy dishes, serve up some treats, light a candle if you wish, and start reading some poetry aloud with your kids.

We have a big stack of poetry books we keep on hand. The kids take turns picking out ones they want me to read while they snack.

Since we’ll be starting our morning with a sugar-coma in the form of Lucky Charms, we’ll be serving up warm Irish Soda bread and butter in leu of cookies.

Oh who am I kidding? Chocolate coins will have to make it into the mix at some point so it’s going to be sugar all day for everybody!

We’ll also pull in some Irish poetry from this list in honor of the day.

Random Activities:

This post has several scavenger hunts on it, but if you scroll down, you’ll see the Green Scavenger Hunt and we’ll be printing that off for tomorrow.

These Rainbow Shamrock Sun Catchers using coffee filters look really cute and easy!

This is another great big list of St Patrick’s themed activities for your perusal. The beaded pipe cleaner shamrocks struck us especially. ☘️

This cute little Leprechaun Mad Lib is a free download.

Also a free download, we’ve got our St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Cards ready to go!

Fun Facts About Leprechauns

And of course we need to know what our Leprechaun names would be! Don’t you? Here is a very tame option and here is one that’s just a wee bit spicier, depending upon your particular set of variables. Take your pick. ;)

You should probably use this as an opportunity to brush up on your Irish slang, because why not? This can also be known as learning to talk like a leprechaun.

And because something about this holiday should probably be steeped in actual facts, we’ll be throwing in some Irish facts for good measure. This is another quick and easy list.


Curious about Saint Patrick, the man? This is a cute little video put out by Veggie Tales:  

Here are some of our favorite Irish Folk Tales being read aloud: 

Fiona’s Luck:

Tim O’Toole and the Wee Folk:

Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato:

O’Sullivan Stew: 

That’s What Leprechauns Do:

I hope you have an awesome Saint Patrick’s Day with your family and these links have provided you with some fun ideas to make it even better!

Happy St Patty’s Day! ☘️

– Mel

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