The captain just came over the loudspeaker of the airplane cabin announcing we’ve just reached 36,000 feet.

And it just hit me.

We’ve been so busy preparing for PartnerCon (I didn’t sleep last night) that we somehow missed telling you three important things:

1. That PartnerCon is happening.

So… Surprise! It’s a great photography conference put on by Pictage, it’s in San Diego, and it starts tomorrow!

2. We’re speaking at the conference

Come listen in on “The Brand Called We” on 11/8. Hope to see you there!

3. We are a convention sponsor–and we’re also sponsoring a sure-to-be-awesome rooftop pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel!

Now you’re in the know.

Come stop by our booth if you’re planning on being at PartnerCon and you’ll be one of the first to see what has been keeping us so busy