We were closing in on 4 months of living in a house overtaken by our latest business venture, making and selling natural deodorant. The living room was piled with boxes of materials and the kitchen was covered over in double boilers and all the other STUFF involved in making the products. Business had picked up rapidly which meant long hours of work and a neglected house to show for it.

Chaos prevailed everywhere. The most you could make in our kitchen was cereal, and I would hope you would plan on eating that standing up because the table had long since been buried as well.

In that space and that season, I got the crazy idea to listen to Sally and Sarah Clarkson’s Life-giving Home book. It’s all about creating special spaces and memories for our family that enrich everyone’s lives. It’s an idea I loved and aspire to, and was falling far short of just then especially.

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For far too long we have been promising Seven bunk beds. The problem is, as with so many of our ideas, our concept of “bunk beds” was a bit on the grand side. This meant complicated and time consuming and lots of moving pieces.

You see, we didn’t really mean “bunk beds.” We meant “built in loft bed with a clubhouse and stairs,” which would entail a custom build. It would also mean ripping up the old carpet the house came with and replacing it with a yet-to-be determined flooring choice. Oh and you know — time — between jobs and other house projects and trips and such. No big deal right?

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If you’ve been following this blog for a while (or know us personally), then you’re familiar with “our Bekah”. You may officially fast forward to the photos. ;)

If you don’t fit into either of those categories, then let me fill you in.

I met Bekah when her older sister instantly and forever became my best friend. She was around 8 at the time and climbed into bed with us when we had sleepovers.

Fast forward a few years and she became our studio manager/part-time nanny for Seven and that’s when she officially became “our Bekah”. She was with us almost every day for 2 years and she fit seamlessly into our lives. Seven was the main man in her life and we all came to see her as family.
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