We found ourselves right around the corner from home this weekend. St Paul’s Episcopal Church is in downtown Franklin.

Exciting McLellan Studio fact of the day: Several years ago (in a previous life) I ran all of the networking cables through the ceiling of the offices next to the sanctuary in this church. I was much more excited on this visit to be on the ground, photographing, rather than inhaling insulation inside of the 100+ degree roof. Enough of that–back to the wedding.

Jodi’s mom *almost* cried when she saw Matt.

Meanwhile, the girls seem to be having a great time.

Matt & Jodi decided to see each other before the ceremony. If I had our wedding to do over again, I would have done it like this. I never knew it could be done quite like this, though. When you go about it the traditional way, you see each other for the first time in front of a zillion people, and then you aren’t alone with each other and really able to talk to each other for hours and hours. This way, we are able to get a couple of great shots as you see each other for the first time, and then we’re gone… and so is everyone else, so you get to be alone together for 10 or 15 minutes.

After that, we have plenty of time to get all the photos done before the ceremony so that you are able to head straight to the reception right after you say “I do.” That’s right, let me say it one more time. It goes down like this: Matt: “I do.” Jodi: “I do.” Father Bob: “I pronounce you husband and wife.” And just minutes later, Jodi & Matt arrive at the reception.

Anyway, look, it’s a red door. All you need for a good portrait is nice light and a red door.

Couldn’t resist putting this one up. For about 5 seconds it got really windy outside.

This is Matt, looking cool. “That’s right, I’m Matt”

Jodi can do cool. She said that the bouquet was the one thing she already had pictured when they first started putting the wedding together. Margaret Roberts did the flowers, and they turned out great.

At this point we are standing in the middle of the street to get this shot. I imagine that they are talking with each other about how we are about to get hit by a car.

Matt had two groomsmaids

And Jodi had two bridesmen

Brentwood catering made the cake and all of the food. Yes, the cake tasted just as good as it looks. I had two pieces just to make sure.

First dance.

Jodi’s mom and stepdad were DJ’s for years, so finding the right DJ was a huge deal for her. They settled on Awasso Entertainment–we were impressed. Matt insisted “there will be NO ghetto rap at my reception” So picture the following to the soundtrack of “The Hustle” and “Stayin’ Alive.”

I think a Cha Cha Slide slipped its way in right here… or was this Play That Funky Music?

And there you have it–congratulations, Jodi & Matt!


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