Keep an eye out for Bobby.  He is a chef with a passion for cooking.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you see him as the host of his own cooking show within the next few years.

I took a sip of water at the Hermitage Hotel and commented on how great it was.

“It’s cucumber mint water.”  said Bobby. “Cucumbers are 96% water.  You can cut them up and put the pieces with some mint into water and it is so refreshing–I make it at home.”

I then noticed a really nice stylish shirt that was hanging on a chair in the room where the groomsmen were getting ready.  “That’s what I’m wearing tomorrow. Hanna picked it out for me.  She picks out all sorts of great things for me.  She’s really into fashion.  I never was before, and now I really love everything that she finds for me.”

Bobby then turned to his brother and said “This is Sean.  He and his wife are the amazing photographers that did our engagement photos.  We love them!”

His brother replied “I know you love them–Hanna sends me about 17 of the images a day!”

If one thing can be said about Hanna and Bobby, it’s that they are passionate people.  They find something they are interested in, and they are into it.

We had a great time spending the day with them and photographing their wedding, and we’re excited to see two passionate people start their new life together!  Congratulations Hanna & Bobby!

Bride and groom in the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville

bride & groom at the hermitage hotel

Bridal party at the hermitage hotel


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