Saturday’s wedding found us back home in Franklin. Emily & Jock tied the knot at Epworth United Methodist’s newly built building–gorgeous church.

And speaking of gorgeous–Emily & her girls getting ready

Meanwhile Jock & the guys are hard at work using the radio tuner built into the TV to find the UT vs. Alabama game. It was a close call–They tried two different radios with no luck, and finally got the TV working.

The girls

The guys

And when the girls aren’t in the photos… Wow, look at all these cameras. Is it just my imagination or is she using two cameras at the same time??

The guys’ entourage

Time for the ceremony… or is it? I catch two of the guests sharing a radio… UT vs. Alabama game, I suspect?

And I’ve been spotted. Yep, definitely the game.

Mel catches this shot from the balcony right as Emily & her uncle walk into a patch of sunlight.

At the same time, I’m down in front to catch Jock’s reaction.

The newly married couple

I think this is my favorite.

Off to the Governor’s Club to partay. I tried something new here. I put the camera on a tripod, and set it for a long exposure… and then ran around all over the place popping the flash to freeze action here and there.

Tennessee WINS. Jock informs us that UT is #1.

Time for the money dance

I think this is one of the bridesmaids’ husband–he was hilarious. He decides to get in on the money dancing action with the groom. Plenty more shots like this will be in the gallery in two weeks. Be sure to check those out!

That about wraps it up…

Thanks, Emily & Jock–have a great honeymoon, and we’ll talk to you soon!

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