As Mel was saying… three hours of sleep after the wedding on Friday, and down to Atlanta, GA we went.

Here’s Ashleigh. She’s laughing.

Ryan & his dad getting ready. Ashleigh’s room had an official “Bride’s Room” sign hanging on the door. When we first got there, Ryan and I searched for the official Grooms Room with no luck. Instead, we just picked out the coolest room we could find. It ended up being really nice. You can’t really tell from this photo, but imagine that you’re in a nice room that’s pretty cool. Got that pictured? Great–that’s pretty much what it was like.

They kept going back and forth trying to decide if they wanted to see each other before the wedding or not. They ended up going for it… And Ashleigh went on and on about how it was so great to do it that way, and that she’d never even have considered waiting until the ceremony if she knew what it was like to have some alone time together before seeing each other in front of everyone else, and not being able to talk to each other alone for hours. We like it better this way too because we have a lot more time to create great portraits of the couple on their wedding day rather than rushing through things to get on to the reception.

The happy couple

The bride

The groom. Look at Ryan–He knows what’s up.

Unexpectedly, Ashleigh’s dad opened the door to look out right as we were taking this formal of the wedding party… We like it like this, so we kept it.

Melanie was in the back of the church and up in the balcony getting these types of shots…

While I was hiding behind plants & the piano on the stage, I was able to grab closeups like this…

Actually, before I go on, let’s back up a second. Observe my ninja skills… Hidden on the stage, it’s as if I’m not even there!

Ashleigh singing with a group of people she sang with in college. They all sang an A Cappella song during the ceremony, and it was incredible.

And then they were off–and so were we–4 hours back home… to sleep for a long time! Congratulations, Ashleigh & Ryan!


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