Google always comes out with all sorts of great free toys. I decided to download and check out Picasa this morning… And when I started it up, it automatically searched all of the hard drives and found all of our image files (wow did that take a long time)… Anyhow, it had a feature to organize them by date, so I started looking through the earliest things it found, and there were all sorts of old things that I didn’t even know we had. Here’s one in particular that I wanted to share.

Melanie was an art major in college, and she concentrated on portraiture (And if I do say so, myself, she is really good at it!). Here is a photo from her senior show that I found of our friends Missy & Josh in front of some drawings she did of them. Artists are never satisfied with their own work–so rather than show this to her first so she can say “no, you can’t show anybody those old drawings!” and try to stop me… Instead, I’m going to post this really quick while she isn’t looking!

Missy & Josh

They eventually got married, and we shot their wedding last year in Asheville, NC.


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