The grand opening for our neighborhood residents club finally happened last night.

It’s been under construction for a year, and it just kept getting more and more elaborate, so the opening date kept getting pushed back further and further. But the wait was definitely worth it! They hired one of the greatest bands of all time to play… Who was it? See for yourself:

Ok, so not *quite* the greatest band of all time… But a reasonably close copy. 1964 The Tribute is a Beatles tribute band that travels all over the world. They are unbelievably good–the guy who plays Paul isn’t even left handed… but he’s learned to play bass backwards just to be authentic, and for any of you who have played guitar, you know how difficult that would be!

Unfortunately it started raining halfway through their set, and they had to leave early… Oddly enough, I saw them once about 4 or 5 years ago, and I had to leave early because of an ice storm. Maybe one of these days I’ll get to see the whole show.

That’s all for now–we’ve got to head to Chattanooga for an engagement session. The forecast says it might rain, though… so in the event that we have to reschedule, I’m already making backup plans to check out these sharks! at the aquarium.


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