8 is a lot of things. I would be much better at this game if it was called 3 things. But let’s see what I can come up with…

First: You do NOT talk about Fight Club.

No, that’s the first rule of Fight Club… the first of these eight things would be:

1. Justin Timberlake is awesome. You know it, I know it. Everybody knows it. There, I said it. I made fun of his brillo pad hair when he was in N’Sync. I thought that when he decided to start a solo career that he would be terrible, and that it was a horrible idea. Definitely wrong about that. He’s got all of the positive things that Michael Jackson has going for him… without any of the long list of creepy things that Michael Jackson also has going for him.

2. After playing Guitar Hero at a friends house one night, I went home and bought a PlayStation 2 specifically to play Guitar Hero. I beat the first one in a week. The second one came out a week after that, and I beat it in about 3 days. Now I only play it occasionally when I’m showing it to someone who hasn’t seen it before. So if you want to try it out, come on over and we’ll rock our faces off.

3. Having mentioned Guitar Hero, I suppose I could tell you that I actually do play the guitar. And the piano. And the drums. Not actively lately, as about 99.563% of every waking moment is taken up working on things photography related… but a few years back, I was going to be a rock star. But… now that I’m a wedding photographer, I like that a lot better.

4. BBQ is my arch nemesis. Everybody seems to love BBQ, BBQ sauce, BBQ flavored chips, etc. I think it’s the worst thing ever. Don’t get me wrong–I don’t have a problem with any of my BBQ loving friends. But please don’t try to make me eat any.

5. My middle name is Patrick. That’s right. Sean Patrick. Can’t get much more Irish than that, can you?

6. I want the mail the second it is in the mailbox. I’ll walk out back and check it four or five times some days. In fact, some times I’ll check it a couple of times on Sunday before I realize that it’s Sunday and mail won’t be coming… but I think to myself, maybe I forgot to check it on Saturday and now it will be in there. If Melanie is walking to the mailbox, I will run like a madman and zoom past her so that I can see what is inside first.

On top of all that, sometimes, with our current mailman, it gets even more difficult for me. He never shows up before 2:00, and sometimes he isn’t here as late as 5:00 or 6:00. I SEE him driving around in our neighborhood much earlier than that… noon on some days… and yet, the box is still empty until late. We’re one of the first streets in the neighborhood… does he skip us intentionally? Does he KNOW that I must have the mail, and he drives down our street last to spite me?

Anyhow, I’m not sure why I must get the mail right away… But I suppose it stems from the anticipation… You know–what sort of GREAT thing might show up on any given day? Usually it’s about a dozen credit card pre-approvals and some coupon magazines for a bunch of stuff nobody would ever buy… but one day it COULD be something fantastic.

7. I call my grandfather Doda. That’s not #7, I just said that so I could tell you the real #7, and you would know who I was talking about. When I was younger, we were in Chicago for a few days. I wanted to go to the top of the Sears Tower and see the view of the city. Doda and I walked into the bottom of the building, and they were running a special. It was 50% off the normal price. Why was it 50% off the normal price, you ask? Well, the sign next to that explained that it was currently 0% visibility.

“0% visibility,” we thought. That’s probably going to be pretty foggy, but we’ll be able to see some outlines of the city, and get a general idea of the scope of things, and how high up the tower is. So we went for it.

Fast forward to the top of the tower. If you have white walls in your house, get up out of your chair and walk over to a blank wall. Put your eyes about 3 inches from it. Your view at that very moment is exactly what they meant when they said 0% visibility.

Disappointing, but I ought to also tell you that we did go back a couple of years later and went to the top on a day with normal visibility. Much more impressive.

8. I’m still freaked out over having gone on the Pirate Ship ride at the fair a few weeks ago. I don’t know what happened to me. Did I get old all of the sudden? Rides used to be so much fun. And some of them still are… but that one made me feel like I was most certainly going to die at any moment. Seriously. Just thinking about the feeling when it went way up in the air backwards, and you come out of the chair and are only being held in by this cheap piece of junk bar that they put over your knees… Ok, I’m going to stop describing that now. My palms are getting cold.

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