Don’t you? :) You might recall that we when took them out for the big production of an “Us” Session back in April, I had mentioned that the dress wasn’t done until we got it in a creek. Well we would wait until the most miserably hot and humid month to do it but last weekend it finally happened! It was so hot and we haven’t had rain here in a while so the creek was dried out a bit and not flowing well. Nothing is better than hot weather and smelly creek water! Yuck! They were the best sports EVER! I’m really pleased with our grand finale and you will be too because the session was for us and thus, multiple images! :)

We started out with this green fabric. I bought it years ago to cover a chair. I don’t have the chair anymore (a fruitful project right?) but I still love the fabric!

The field and the tall grasses were a little too tempting to pass up so we took a quick journey into the weeds…

This is my favorite image of Sean’s to date!

Needless to say, we were downright baking at this point so into the water we went. See, we don’t have big pretty oceans to get brides wet in around here so we had to do a trash the dress Tennessee style! :)

mmm dirt! It’s probably only the photographers tuning in that will understand!

I mean they were really great sports!

So by the time we were done, I’m pretty sure we had about 50 pounds of soaking wet, stinky creek water clothes and I’m really quite surprised that there isn’t a lingering earthy scent in our car. All the same, it was a blast! Thank you guys soooo much! :)

Hope you all enjoyed them! Let us know what you think! :)

– Mel

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