The last week and a half has been crazy busy but we are finally getting settled into our new home! We’re so excited to finally be here! There’s still a lot of work to be done – we’ve got to get paint on the walls, the office organized, etc. but it’s coming along quickly considering we just starting unloading on Saturday afternoon. This is going to be a great place for our client meetings and we’re going to start unveiling everyone’s photographs by projecting them on a huge screen in the loft. It’s going to be awesome! We’re trying to shift into a more specialized kind of service with lifestyle sessions, planning meetings for portrait sessions, maternity and baby’s first year programs, new products, and a whole slew of new offerings. We can’t wait to get everything put together! Also, along with the move we’ll be getting a different business line starting this coming weekend. You can still reach us at the existing number but it’s a cell phone and it doesn’t work so hot in our new place. Please bear with us folks until we’re able to get a fully functioning phone up and running!

Here are a few pictures of our work in progess –

And here is my favorite part!

We’ll post more when we get everything together but this is it so far. FYI we love company so drop on in!

– Mel

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