At dinner tonight I was reminded that our blog is overdue a new post. We’ve been editing and retouching all week and haven’t done any sessions so instead, I’ll tell you a little story about the McLellan house.

I write this with the slightest tight feeling in my chest even now – I’m just a little afraid of birds. This is our bird story…

You see, we have this basket hanging on our front door.

Several weeks back, we noticed that a bird was flying quickly from the porch every time we came out. That’s when we discovered this:

Sure enough, some crazy bird nested on our front door in the basket being held by a thread. Before long there were 5 little eggs inside and we meant to take a picture with our new handy-dandy point and shoot but those things hatch fast!

Now like I said, I’m just a little afraid of birds and I knocked on my own front door every time before we went outside so that the momma bird would know that we were coming. She kind of freaked me out but the babies – they weren’t real birds yet so they were ok. See? Nothing to be afraid of right?

We climbed up in a chair every few days to check on them and take their picture and those things grow fast! Still though, not scary birds – just babies. Birds make jerky movements and can fly at your face! These guys couldn’t do that so they were ok in my book. I even started to like them and showed “our bird family” to everyone who came by. I worried about them and watched our front door usage so as to make sure that their mother wouldn’t get scared and abandon them. Sean said not to worry – that we could feed them McDonald’s double cheeseburgers if she left. I could feel the bird phobia dwindling.

Even these guys – still ok. They were still in the nest and therefore were not flying devils yet…or so I thought.

This picture was taken the last time the baby birds resided in their nest. I climbed up in the patio chair to say hello and just after I greeted them and took this picture, WHOOSH! 5 SCARY BIRDS flew at my head!! I almost fell off the chair and went into cardiac arrest at the same time! Who knew they came back to the nest after they could fly??

Needless to say, I’m still just a little afraid of birds and that’s all I have to say about that.

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