Well let’s see…from Monday to Sunday Sean and I clocked in 120 hours this past week so my oh my did we sleep in today! There was so much to be done in preparation for the bridal show but in the end, I think it was all worth it. Thank you to everyone who came by to see us on Sunday! We had a great time and really enjoyed meeting you all!

Here are some pictures of our snazzy booth:

We could not have made this happen without Sean’s grandparents! Jim and Elaine built those fabulous walls for us and then came up with us early on Sunday morning to get it all set up. Aren’t they amazing?? Thank you guys soooo much!

Anna and Chris are one of our couples and they came by to see us. At their engagement session we had joked about how all of our UT grooms got UT groom’s cakes and stood by them making the #1 gesture so Chris asked if we could take his picture with the French Confection cake. Hilarious! Well played Chris, well played!

Amber and Daniel also stopped by and because we used their images for both canvas prints, we lovingly dubbed our booth “The Amber and Daniel Shrine”. :)

And lastly, yours truly with the Dove crew – Peter, Whitney, and Kara (sorry if I just totally misspelled your name!). This is of course the only face we know how to do for personal posts so they obliged and joined in.

Hope everyone had fun! If you requested information from us, you should have received it this evening so let us know if you can’t find it in your inbox. I’m going to sleep now!

– Mel

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