Emily and Johnny are getting married in December and they are the cutest couple! We met up with them at Travellers Rest in Nashville yesterday for their engagement session. They are both so upbeat and after working with them yesterday, we’re really looking forward to their wedding!

There were all of these little pumpkins laying around from a kids festival they had at the plantation earlier in the day. We thought we’d have them lay on them while I climbed a tree to get this. :)

Then they climbed a tree…

We’ve learned some new tricks over the past couple of days so of course they got completely overused during this session – it sure is pretty though!

It’s been a pretty rainy dull week around here so we were so excited when the sun came out in just the most perfect way a couple of hours before the shoot. It complimented the autumn leaves so beautifully!

and then back to the cool new trick again. This is my favorite!

Thanks for joining us Emily and Johnny! Have a great weekend everyone!

– Mel

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