I am just so excited about this post and you will be too because it involves LOTS of pictures! :) Here’s the deal: Sean and I have been wanting to do a portfolio shoot of an “US” Session for a while now. We’ve had it in the works for months! We’ve been buying the dress, the tux, the accessories…scouting the perfect locations, planning the best shots, and of course, recruiting one of our favorite couples to be our models for the day! We were thrilled when they agreed to be our bride and groom, especially considering the fact that they weren’t even engaged and we were afraid they would think that was a little wierd. I say they “weren’t” engaged because they are now!!

Daniel emailed me a few weeks back and asked what we thought about him proposing to Amber on the day of our shoot. We of course immediately confirmed that it was the best idea ever and a plan was put in place for us to “lose” Amber’s fake wedding ring just as the shoot began. As it usually happens, the big day came and the weather forecast was for rain rain rain – all day long! We were all so excited that we decided to push forward anyway and I’m so glad we did! The sky was just amazing and we couldn’t be happier with the images we got. Daniel proposed on a picturesque hilltop in Spring Hill and then we spent the day travelling all over for the best “Us” Session to date! For those of you who don’t already know, the “Us” Session is a special shoot we offer for brides and grooms to do after their wedding day. It gives us the opportunity to get the on-location imagery that we don’t usually have time for on the wedding day. Now, we don’t usually show a whole slew of images on the blog because we don’t want to spoil the surprise but since this shoot was for us, you guys get to see it all right away! :)

First, check out the beautiful couple and the fabulous hilltop proposal in this slideshow. (If you want to play it again, just click on the closing screen.)

Newly Engaged!

After we had exhausted the hilltop and grabbed some lunch, it was time to get some urban shots. We had planned to go to Columbia where there are these ragged buildings we just adore but we were informed that we had chosen Mule Day as the day of our shoot. That’s right – we have a Mule Day in Tennessee. It’s the second largest event in the state and it’s held right in downtown Columbia. Needless to say, we weren’t looking to get trampled by the Mules so we opted for historic Murfreesboro.

This was the grungiest underpass ever but it was great for our purposes!

We really wanted to hit a laundromat and our friend Jesse suggested this place. He said he thought it was so ugly that he was sure we’d love shooting there – thanks Jesse. For the record, this place is AWESOME!!

A little fun in the laundry carts….

Some smooth portraits

And finally…

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Amber and Daniel on their engagement! We were so honored to be asked to take part in such a special moment and we hope it was everything you dreamed!

Hope you all enjoyed them! We had soooo much fun! The finale was supposed to be a jump in the creek but we decided to postpone until warmer weather so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts so please leave us a note below!

Have a good one! :)

– Mel

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