is to create a drawing for your favorite art professor’s personal collection. Mr. Houston is an amazing artist so that’s terrifying enough without the fear that you’re going to look like all of his years of training are for not when he sees what you can do a few years out of school! And yet that is what I was faced with as I created the drawing below. :) If you haven’t heard of William C. Houston then you really must check out his work! ( In addition to his painting career he also teaches at Carson Newman College and I had the priviledge of studying under him for 3 years. He collects artworks of jazz musicians and he asked me to make something of Frank Sinatra. Below is my conte drawing. Conte is one of the oldest artist’s materials. I actually hated the medium for my first 3 years of art school but fell in love with it in my senior year because it forces you to work in a loose manner and not having complete control of my materials was a good exercise for me. :) What do you think? I’m telling you, I’ve never been so insecure about delivering the final product!

Sean and I have one last free Saturday before the fall rush begins so we’re heading out tomorrow morning for Jefferson City, TN to visit old friends and professors. It should be a fun and relaxing trip – with the exception of the unveiling of this drawing! EEEE! Wish me luck! :)

– Mel

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