We think that one of the most valuable investments you can make in your wedding day is signing quality entertainment. Just as it’s important to have a great photographer there to capture the memories for you, it’s equally important to have entertainers who can help you make the memories! This is an ode to our favorite wedding singers. :)

A great band has stage presence, is intuitive to the crowd’s mood, and has a unique, versatile sound. Plus they bring those cool lights for us to play with in your pictures! :) If your band has these qualities, your guests will respond and have a wonderful time at your wedding! Think about every wedding you’ve ever been to. Do you remember the food? The bridesmaid dresses? The flowers? I’m willing to bet that the one thing that stands out in your mind is whether or not you had a good time, right? Your guests will be the same way. Behold, what a great band can do for you:

These were all taken at Jennifer and Bryan’s Wedding and the band featured is The Respectables.

Bands we love:
The Little Kings
Four on the Floor
The Respectables
The Nashville Blue Tones

Warning: Most band websites don’t represent their talent well so check them out in person to get a better feel.

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