This morning we joined Jennifer and Olivia for a tea party in the park. They were so cute together and we had such a great time! Olivia has the most wonderful giggle! :) These are my favorite kind of family portraits! They say so much more about Olivia at 3 and how much Jennifer loves her than anything we could pose would ever say. We simply chose an activity that they like to do together and let it play out before us while we run around shooting. When you plan your portrait session in this way, the kids are so much more relaxed and so are the adults for that matter. Everyone has fun and actually enjoys having family pictures made – imagine that! ;) Here are my favorites from the session…

The setting could not have been more beautiful…

Don’t you just love them??

That wonderful giggle! :)

Of course we take some looking at the camera too –

This one is my absolute favorite! I love it – I see beautiful imagery every day and this one is such a beautiful moment that it makes me want to cry!

Jen – thank you so much for letting us share in yours and Olivia’s lives! She is such a little doll and we can’t wait to have you both over to see the rest!

– Mel

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