It’s been a bit of a slow week here at the McLellan house. We’ve had a few consultations, worked on print orders, processed a couple of engagement sessions – the same ol’ yada-ya. I’ve been the ultimate procrastinator this week – just trying slow down somewhat before the wedding rush begins this weekend! We’ll be at Bonnie and Scott’s wedding in Fayetteville, TN this weekend. I can’t believe it’s already here! So begins a long string of weddings and engagement sessions so there will be no need for boring posts like this one for quite some time! :)

On a totally different note, is anyone else hooked on Netflix? We’ve become obsessed (the projection system we’ve incurred doesn’t help matters) and my only problem is finding a way to get really good recommendations from the thing. There is rarely a movie that I can’t say that I at least kind of liked so I’m just way too vague for the system. Ah well. Enough rambling! Sean will ramble next time- it’s much more entertaining. :)

And in the spirit of randomness, here is a picture of our cat. Meet Wellington – he likes to sleep in wierd places.

Good night all!

– Mel

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