We’ve been traveling around quite a bit over the past few weeks. As we’ve started doing this blog, I’ve realized that we hardly post any pictures of ourselves so I’m endeavoring to change that. Here we are bored in the car:

Sean thinks he’s ghetto – what a white boy…

We went to Cades Cove in East Tennessee for Meagan and Claes’ engagement session and I have to say, upper East Tennessee is a completely different world! I went to college up that way at Carson Newman and I’ve grown up in the south so you become numb to certain things but if you really stop and take a look at what’s around you – wow! Check out just a few of the signs along the main strip in Pigeon Forge…

Oh that’s right – they have “oooh wee” spelled out on a sign under a guy with a pot on his head – where else in God’s green earth can you find this?? But that’s not the half of it. Only in upper East Tennessee will you find the g dropped off the end of words in formal settings.

LOL! I love it! :)

Oh! We got a new toy! We wanted to get the TomTom Navigation system because then we could have Ozzie Osborne give us directions or a cool Australian guy (I LOVE the way they say “fantastic”!). Evidently this one is a better system however so we got the street pilot and affectionately named her PamPam. If you heard her voice you’d understand – she just IS a Pam.

We’ve seen the sun rise while driving home, gotten in a lot of reading (thank goodness we can both read in the car), and put an unmerciful amount of miles on our car lately.

Tennessee really is beautiful at 5:30am!

And how did we manage all of this you ask? We’ve adopted a new friend on the road…

Coke’s Full Throttle energy drink! Full Throttle Fury tastes like an orange drink, Red Bull tastes like liquid Skittles (yuck – trust me) – this is the one to go with when you want to arrive home in Nashville at 6am after a full day of work in Florida and still be wide awake and shaking all over from a caffeine rush! Ok so all I ever drink is water so results may vary. :) And now I must get back to work because there’s much to be done before the drive to North Carolina this weekend for Meagan and Claes’ wedding! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! – Mel

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