Brianne and Dan are just adorable and they think they’re terrible in front of the camera but they’re so wrong! We had the best time with them yesterday and we’re so excited about the resulting images! There are way too many great ones to choose from but I had to share this one because this is where it all started. Dan proposed to Brianne at Percy Warner Park. There is one entrance to the park that has roughly 5 flights of old stone steps ascending the sloping hillside. For his proposal, Dan covered every single flight of stairs in candles! Can you even imagine how spectacular that must have been?? When we first met with them to talk about the possibility of shooting their wedding, we were already planning a mini-recreation of that night for their engagement session and that’s what you see here:

We waited until it got dark and set up in the very spot. A little painting with light and viola! I think Dan gets the “Most Romantic Groom” award! :) You guys are so much fun! Talk to you soon…

– Mel

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