Yesterday was the beautiful Holly’s bridal session. Holly, her mom, and her sister all check the blog religiously – especially when they’re supposed to be on it – so I’m probably killing them right now waiting until after 10 to post this! Sorry guys! :) We met up with Holly and her entourage at Centennial Park and it was our best session there yet. Holly has the most amazing eyes and Sean kept stealing my shots by having her look at his camera – thanks Sean, really! So without further adieu, may we present the bride to be (and Sean’s gorgeous image – yeah the shot-stealing was worth it!):

Ok, now I thought this was just too funny not to post! We usually put a sheet under the dress to keep it from getting dirty but Holly’s sheet had two leg holes cut in it so that when we were ready to move, she just picked up and the whole dress came with her in a bundle. :)

Lol! How fabulous!

Have a great day everybody! :)

– Mel

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