Here they are ladies (and whoever else just enjoys looking at baby shower pictures) – the long awaited shower photos!

Do you have a group of friends with which you just become completely stupid when you’re together? My college girlfriends and I are like that. Here we are, young professionals and mature adults (I wonder when that won’t seem wierd anymore) and yet when we all get together we’re a bunch of giggling freshman college kids again! Ah well – you’ve lost everything when you forget how to play! Maybe we’ll live longer this way, right? :)

Anyhow, back to topic – our dear friend Jennifer is the first of us girls to start her family. Jennay and Drew will be giving birth to little Anthony at the beginning of next month and we’re all so excited! They’re going to be such great parents! Both are terribly quirky as you might guess from the pictures. :) Their kids are going to have so much fun! Congratulations to the first parental units of the group – Jennifer and Drew! :)

Jennay and me entirely too close to a wide angle lense!

The guess the babyfood game…

Here, after actually smelling babyfood for the first time, Jennifer decides to renounce it altogether.

Rachel is pretty confident that she’s going to win.

Open mouthed excitment – yea that’s our thing.

Unless of course you can throw in a good sexy face like Missy. ;)

Dell’s roommate’s puppy Rocky joined in all the shower fun – is he not the craziest looking dog??

Present time! (Does this bring to mind Blue’s Clues for anyone else? I think I’ve been watching too much with baby Audrey!)

The one gift that brought Jennay to tears – a book called “The Goat Lady”. She loves them – I do wonder when this fascination began…

Jennay we’ve got to schedule your maternity portraits – this can’t be the only record of your pregnancy! :)

It was so nice to hang out with everyone again! See you in May for Rachel’s wedding!

The End. :)

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