The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! I love the warm weather, the lightning bugs in the air, picnics, and fireworks – it’s great! This year being in Westhaven, we of course had to combine all of that with a little Pleasantville fun. :) Every 4th of July the Westhaven kids all decorate their bikes and parade around the square lead by a fire engine. They’re all so cute and this year the parade was followed by an icecream tasting. I vowed that I was going to get a picture of Sean and I on the 4th but of course we forgot so here are a few from the neighborhood!

Sonny has reached the age where a smile for the camera just won’t do… :)

We ended the evening over at Shannon’s and Hunter’s house. We grilled hotdogs (or as I like them – burned hotdogs) and then shot off a bunch of fireworks after dark. What a fun day! :)

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