We just got in from our weekend East Tennessee. It was so good to see old friends again and spend some time with my “little” brother Ryan. Mr. Houston was pleased with his drawing so I can breathe easily again. :) In all it was a fun and relaxing weekend which is why it’s so odd that we always come back from those so tired! I feel like I could sleep for a week! Late nights gabbing away with my old roommate Opal probably didn’t help the situation. ;) Anyway, we didn’t take many pictures while we were out that way but we did go to see my brother’s band play on Friday night and I took the camera along for that. Their name is Shoot For Tomorrow and I’m really liking the new stuff they’re coming out with now. And now for a few of my dabblings in concert photography –

Shoot For Tomorrow




and Chase

These guys are playing at the Muse in Nashville this coming Friday if you’re interested in seeing a show. Check out their site for details.

We really enjoyed seeing you all this weekend! Talk to you soon!

– Mel

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