So in addition to everything else going on this past weekend, my honey had a birthday on Saturday. We’ve been going so non-stop that we didn’t get to celebrate until Monday night when we went to dinner at Carraba’s (sp?) with some friends and then to see the new Pixar movie “Cars”. If you’re ever in Carraba’s in Cool Springs and you get a waiter with a gotee named John then you have to order his special! I don’t know what it is and if that guy ever quits I don’t know what I’ll ever eat at that restaurant again but this stuff is soooo good! Just say “Pasta Frias (free-ahs)” and if your waiter gives you a funny look, it’s not John. :) “Cars” is very cute by the way – I highly recommend it!

So here’s our birthday picture. Sean and I have this lovely habit of making different faces in the same picture. He always goes for the goofy face and I go for the smile – then I make a goofy face and it turns out he’s smiling. We just can’t get it together! But that’s us so what are you going to do? Might as well think of it as endearing I guess. :)

Happy Birthday Dearest! ;*

– Mel

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