I have been obsessive about my cell phone for the past week. I take it with me everywhere – even into different rooms in our house and to bed at night. Just in case I might have missed something as it sat right next to me, I’ve been checking it once an hour, just to make sure! The call finally came this morning around 10:30am that Baby Evi was on her way! Sean and I were in Chattanooga so we raced home and I ran to the hospital just in time for Evi’s arrival. We’re so excited that she’s here! :) Rachel and Jon, thank you so much for letting me share these special moments with you!

So I just realized that it’s 2:30am so these are no longer the events of today but of yesterday – you get the idea! :)

Tonight (this morning?) the cell phone and I will sleep in separate rooms! G’night everyone and happy birthday Evi!

Love you!
– Mel

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