Yesterday morning we were finally able to go out with Heather, Philip, and Haven. We ran into rain, then Haven got sick on the way to the shoot, but the third time’s the charm. It was just in time too as Heather and Phillip are from Orlando and were heading back yesterday afternoon after our session. Heather is 4 weeks away from her due date and still climbed up to Fort Granger in Pinkerton for half of our shoot effortlessly. Amazing! :)

At first Haven was very shy…

but she warmed up a bit after a while. :)

Then we figured out how to bribe her – smiles for raisins! I don’t think I could have been bribed with health food as a kid…

A new favorite wall.

Philip and Heather, it was so nice to meet you both! We’re so glad you could make it before leaving town! :)

– Mel

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