We’ve had a lovely week of computer issues and mine has spent 2 days in rehab but we’re back up and running today! Yay! You forget how dependent upon the things you really are until you’re forced to live 2 days without it.

So, catching up – last Friday the McLellans and the Hitts went to the Williamson County Fair!

I was a kid the last time I went to a fair and we had the best time! Unfortunately, I’m the only one left with a kid’s tolerance for the spinning rides. They are my favorite – so much fun! – I think so anyway.

Sean put on a brave face on the pirate ship. My favorite part was the sight of his forearms tightly woven into the guard bar – Did you think you were going somewhere??

Brian refused the Black Widow. Adrian and Sean were great sports and got on with me. Poor things – they spent the next hour white as sheets with flu-like symptoms! We’re just not as young as we used to be I guess! :)

The poor Black Widow was admired from a distance for the rest of the night….

Brian wouldn’t ride the Himalaya either. Loser! ;)

I do have to give him props for getting on the big drop ride! That’s one of those rides that you’re really pumped to get on; then you get to the top and all you can think is some variation of “@#&%#$#%@$!!”

It was Sean’s turn to refuse and this is his “I’m not idiot enough to get on that thing” face.

If you’re looking for non-spinning entertainment, the bumper cars are a good bet. My car lacked umph so I took a few pictures as I got knocked around. Brian seems most at home when he’s wailing on small children doesn’t he??

Yes Adrian, you should be scared! :)

We had run out of cash before we made it to anything sweet and fried so we decided to experiment at home. They look a bit scary but fried snickers and oreos are surprisingly yummy!

Next year, I might tackle the ominous beast: the ferris wheel! Yes I’m totally scared to death of them! Put me on anything that spins like mad, on it’s side, and turns flips the whole way but the ferris wheel freaks me out! That is my confession of the week.

I know there are several people anxiously awaiting Brittney and David’s wedding blog and you’re great for being patient! It will be up soon!

Loving my working computer and yours truly,

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