I know I know! 9 days into the month and we’re just now putting up a blog! It’s been so crazy busy around here as we continue to fight the ferocious editing beast and get things set for the spring season! We’ve been locked away in our office in front of the computers for the last week and a half or so (which doesn’t make for a very interesting blog entry) but yesterday we finally escaped into the real world with Donna and Glenn. :) They are such a fun couple and so perfectly suited for each other! We met up at the Parthenon and jumped around from place to place trying to keep warm and had a blast in the process! Here’s a little taste of our afternoon:

Thanks for hanging out with us you guys! We can’t wait to shoot your wedding! :)

– Mel

p.s. For all of the dear ladies of the Forrest Hills Baptist Church staff and anyone else who is interested, I promise to have more extensive teasers linked to our blog very soon! There will be more pictures to see I swear – just help me out and tell Sean to get on it! ;)

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