We had such a wonderful time in Gulf Shores again this year. I just realized as I was putting together this post that the beach photos were some of our first ever on the blog which means that we’ve been blogging for a year now! Wow – time flies…

Our vacation week consisted of doing absolutely nothing and it was wonderful! Most days were warm enough to get out on the beach and we were determined to wear swimsuits despite the lack of swimming because hey – that’s what you do at the beach!

Sean and Court decided to take up master sand castle building during our stay. Both happened to have red swim trunks so in light of their matching outfits they decided a team name was in order – TEAM AWESOME! (yeah they are so cool!)

(Banner provided by Sean)

Aspen and I tried very hard to catch some sun. Well, she tried very hard and I sat next to her covered in sunscreen. In case it’s not obvious, I don’t exactly tan…

Meanwhile TEAM AWESOME worked on sand castle mastery…

and the art of giant sand beasts.

Here is my hallmark Mother-Daughter shot of the week. Aren’t they cute??

Audrey didn’t know what to make of the waves so we approached them slowly and from a safe height.

Sean’s final sandcastle of the trip – pretty good eh?

Of course, no personal blog is complete without our super model faces! You know you like it.

So that’s our trip! It was so nice to relax and take a step back from work but we’re so excited to be home and get this season rolling! It’s going to be a crazy year! We look forward to spending time with you all in the coming months! :)

– Mel

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