All last weekend Rachel told everyone that Evi had to wait just until Monday to come and she did great! :) Time for belly pictures really snuck up on us and went out to Edwin Warner Park on Monday to memorialize Evi’s pre-arrival! In a couple of weeks my best friend will be the mother of two. Whoa! MY best friend will not just be a mother, but have TWO kids! Geez how time flies! It feels like not so long ago that we were in middle school and Rachel was telling me that I had to have names planned out for my future children – you just have to! haha – what happened to that list Rach? :) Two girls and still no Emma??

The creek was a welcomed sight in the heat we’ve been having and Lauren was just too cute in her little white dress! The Shepherd children have always had a flair for the dramatic; evidently it runs in their jeans…

Staying in the water didn’t last long though. Lauren felt a tadpole or something swim by her feet and there was no going back!

Tickling Evi


The beautiful pregnant lady and her crazy family – aren’t they cute?? :)

Rach, even though you’re making me feel very old, I still love you and I can’t wait for Evi to get here! :)

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