Our friends Court and Aspen and baby Audrey have come with us on our beach vacation for the past two years now. While we’re at the beach, we always try to get in a session with Audrey to mark her milestone ages. Moms know how it is – you have great intentions of getting them at 6 months or 18 months but mostly you just hit somewhere around that age and pretend. :) So here’s our baby at 19 months! I hadn’t really realized how big she’s gotten until looking through these images – she’s turning into a toddler! I love it when she makes this face. :)

For the record, Audrey isn’t really our baby – we just claim her. :) I can’t tell you how many people have read our blog and then asked us about our little girl – not yet folks, not yet!

That’s all for tonight! Have a good one!

– Mel

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