The rain held off for us yesterday and it ended up being a beautiful day in Chattanooga! Ashleigh and I both went to Carson Newman. We were in the same English class and had a few mutual friends so I was so excited when she tracked us down for her Atlanta wedding coming up this fall! :) She and Ryan are a blast and you can tell they have an absolutely wonderful time together. Downtown districts are a great place for sessions by the way – any place with lots to do makes for an ideal portrait spot because you’ll have more prompting you to interact rather than just standing together in a pretty place and the interaction is what makes these so great! Anyway, we were all very sad that the carousel was closed but we decided that would just be something to look forward to in the 1 year anniversary session. :) It’s all for the best I think because we got way too many fabulous shots to choose from yesterday without the carousel and here are a few of my absolute favorites!

What a fabulous day in a fabulous city! Thanks for joining us guys – see you soon! :)

– Mel

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