I wrote out my blog on Wednesday but I’m just now getting the chance to post. Below you’ll find the ramblings of a half-dead babysitter! :) My hats off to all of the mothers out there – I don’t know how you do it every day but I am sooo thankful that just about everyone has the opportunity to enter into motherhood with one tiny baby and work their way up! The week went well overall – the kids were pretty good and we made zero trips to the emergency room despite the adventurous nature of the two boys. :) Joe and Tracy – I hope you had a wonderful time in Mexico! Here’s a synopsis of our week…

So this is the week with the Hill kids – Sean’s cousins! I arrived on Monday to take over Brianna and Stephen from their grandmother.

We played…

(Stephen can look remarkably like a Chucky doll can’t he? He can act remarkably like a Chucky doll too! ;P)

We rode bikes…

Cowboy boots were the footwear of the day.

I braved the grocery store with all 3 kids – my first kid-grocery trip ever and let me tell you, it was an experience! We took up whole aisles with a grocery cart for me with a race care attached to the front and a mini-cart (Sean laughs because I call it a buggy) for Kayla. I’m pretty sure we tried a few people’s patience and I was so very ready to get out of there by the time we got to the checkout! Needless to say, I didn’t take any pictures during our trip! Overall is was a low-key day. The girls were up and down a bit that night and after getting everyone off to school and grandma’s the next morning, I drove back home to get some work done. It was at this point I realized that my fear of teenage drivers was completely unfounded. Driving down the road half-conscience it became clear that the real danger on the road are the over-tired mothers with 3 carseats in the back! :)

Here I am in the cattle drive of Mother’s Day Out for Brianna.

Brianna and I went to get pizza for dinner and while we waited, we sat in the car and took pictures of each other.

I didn’t know the skin around my eye could do that!

That night we had pizza and obscene amounts of icecream with outrageous amounts of chocolate syrup (the syrup was Cody – not me Tracy! :P)

(Kayla loves the action shots)

Cody rigged this wench-type thing in the tree and I’m trying to convince him not to break his neck on my watch.


The next morning we got Kayla off to school and then headed to Brianna’s dance class. She’s the little ballerina of the family and she loves to pose.

After dance class Brianna, Stephen, I went to the park for lunch. I started to wonder with the caffeine in coke would work for me – all I ever drink is water buty today I made an exception – tomorrow I might make two or three exceptions!

Do you remember these tire swings? This might have been my favorite ride when I was a kid.

They’re cute little rugrats aren’t they? :)

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