We love our clients! They are always so cool and up for anything we want to do! :) Yesterday was the scheduled date for Camie and John’s engagement session. Mind you, it was scheduled during a balmy January and I think we were all hoping winter just wasn’t going to hit this year! Well, unfortunately it did and the temp outside for our session was around 28 degrees – yikes. Camie and John were so great! They wanted to push through and do the session anyway and they even wanted to go coatless throughout most of the shoot – talk about hard-core! :) Sean and I are determined to wear out the Westhaven construction site before they make it into our town center so we headed out back again for the session. It’s amazing to me how many different looks you can get from one location. As you probably know, we are determined to make everyone’s photos unique and taking several people to the same place presents a fun challenge for us. Here is one from Camie and John’s construction session….

Oh yes that’s ice and snow on the water! Thank you so much you guys! We so enjoyed your visit and you were both so great that we even enjoyed shooting in the cold! :)

– Mel

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