You’ve just finished a photo shoot and you get home and download the cards. It was the Jones family. So you create a folder and cleverly title it:

“Jones Family Portrait”

But after a few months go by the Jones’ give you a call and ask if they can get a large canvas.


You go to get the image they requested… and your heart sinks.

Where is it?

Some of your folders have dates. Some of them are names. Some have names first, others have dates first. Some utilize an odd looking system of numbers and letters that seemed like a clever idea at the time; but you forgot about it and now it no longer makes any sense.

Aha! Jones Family.

You’ve found it.

…But wait, there’s only a copy of a contract in this folder and some RAW files. Where did the finished files go?

Time out.

We’ve been there.

Between weddings and portraits, we have photographed literally hundreds of sessions. All of those have resulted in millions of files.

Millions. Of. Files.

How on earth do we keep track of all of that? How does any wedding or portrait photographer keep track of all that?  How about keeping our computers running smoothly? What about hard drive space filling up?

I’m going to share the ins and outs of our file management system that can solve all of these problems for you.

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