Do you ever get to the end of the day and you feel like you just can’t take any more words? You’re talked out to the breaking point…and your kids did it.

Being an introverted parent is interesting.

Being an introverted parent of multiple extreme-talkers is even more interesting.

And by “interesting” I mean wonderful and amazing, but also draining as hell some days.

Introverts are naturally drained by social interaction. Imagine that being the case and you’ve got multiple questions being fired at you every minute of the day for a 14 hour period. These questions must be answered or they will only increase in volume and intensity.

Sometimes answering the question only leads to the exact. same. question being asked again. Omg.

On days like these, hearing “mama” is like nails on a chalkboard. I feel like my kids are less like adorable, lovable miniature humans and more like little gremlins who are sucking my life force.

Ok maybe I’m being overly dramatic with that last one, but my introverted mamas understand.

I love my kids. Most of the time I enjoy them a lot. But being with anyone all day every day – whether they’re big or small, related to you or not – is a lot of togetherness, you know?

It’s especially a lot if you’re an introvert and need that quiet, alone time to recharge.

That’s ok. It doesn’t mean we’re bad moms or that we’re doing it wrong.

We’re just people and our little humans are just people too. No one likes being around any one particular person 100% of the time. It’s fine that that would extend to our children sometimes. I think it’s quite natural and normal actually.

Now obviously if you feel like this more often than not, you should probably seek help. That can be as simple as taking a little coffee break by yourself while your partner keeps the kids, or you might need something more. Only you know what will help you be an effective and joyful mom (on most of the days).

All I know is this: it’s ok to take a breather – it’s ok to NEED a breather. It’s ok to be tired and not enjoy playing 20 questions for 10 years straight.

I’m ok. You’re ok. We’re all ok! The kids are even ok, and tomorrow we’ll go back to finding their chatter adorable.

At least until bedtime.

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