I’ve neglected personal posts for a while now so I thought I should go ahead and post some photos from our Fall before so much time passes that Fall blog posts don’t even make sense anymore.

I love the Fall. It’s one of my very favorite seasons – at an absolute tie with Spring. If only the seasons in between could last just a week or two! ;)

It has become a tradition for us to go visit a farm and pick out pumpkins every Fall. This year, we went to Lucky Ladd Farms with some friends and I think we’re totally hooked! There were so many fun things for the kids – the older ones had such a blast!

For our first farm trip, Seven was just a baby and there wasn’t a lot more to do than just take pictures. We brought out the “big camera” and thus farm trips entered into the vicious cycle where I try to give every child the same things the first one had. The big camera came this time too and while corralling multiple children who can run doesn’t exactly lend itself to taking lots of pretty pictures sitting in the pumpkin patch, we managed to get decent documentation for posterity. :)

The first section of the farm is a petting zoo. Seven thought the animals were cool, but the abundance of mulch and dirt to run Thomas the Tank Engine through was infinitely more exciting.

Serai, on the other hand, thought the goats were GREAT!

At Lucky Ladd they have this awesome pit full of dried corn for the kids to play in. Naturally, Seven saw that as another great thing to run Thomas through so he was all over it.

The slides were also a big hit and they were huge! I was kind of surprised the kids went for them, but they were fearless.

And of course there were pumpkins – lots and lots of pumpkins…and more dirt, which is obviously the most interesting thing about an amazing farm. ;)

At the end of the trip we tried to get a picture of all the kids together on a pile of pumpkins, but have you every tried taking a picture of three 2 year olds and 3 babies under age 1 when there are things to climb and dirt to play with? It turns out something like this:

I know what you’re thinking – it’s totally a framer. ;) Plan B was just to get a good photo of each child in the pumpkins. You’ll notice that my children are the one not paying any attention at all and the one eating a stick.

All in all, it was a great day chasing our little crazies and enjoying everything that Fall has to offer. :) I’ll close with this fun shot that our friend Jessica snagged of our little family. Thanks Jess! :)

Hope you all are enjoying the season with those you love!


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