I love this time of year! The heat is finally dying down and yet the cold hair hasn’t quite made it here yet – it’s perfect. :) If you haven’t been out for a picnic yet then you really should get moving! We went over the weekend with some friends to Percy Warner Park for a picnic lunch and it was so much fun! There is nothing better than laying outside on a blanket in the shade of a large tree with nothing to do. :) Of course we brought the camera – we’re trying to get better about taking personal pictures – if anyone should know how important photography is, it’s us photographers!

Can you tell we packed strawberries? :)

and what’s a picnic without a little frisbee?

Shannon and I getting ready for our close-up-

I know I know – so hott right? ;)

Do you ever find that you’re tempted to do things you did when you were little when you’re out at the park? As you can see, our gymnastics skills have seen better days…

and lastly, one of these because you can’t have a great day at the park with friends without a cheeser to show for it! :)

So, as I was saying, a September picnic is something you really should look into – I highly recommend it!

Happy Fall!

– Mel

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