Family comes in many forms. For us, some are by blood, but many of our nearest and dearest started off as friends and then became so much more. We’re so blessed to have these people in our lives so it’s only appropriate that spending Thanksgiving with this particular group has become our family tradition. :)

This year was a casual affair at the Alvey home in Fairview, TN. The weather was very unseasonably warm, so festivities included sitting around a fire outside listening to great music while the kids played in the yard. Do you ever look around you and think, “this right here, right now — this is just so perfect”? I love those moments and this was one of them. It wasn’t fancy or pinterest-worthy, but it was completely perfect.

As I went through the photos, I laughed to myself at how quintessentially “Nashville” our Thanksgiving looked. Evidently we really are what all those California bloggers are making us out to be as of late. ;)

I hope your Thanksgiving was also filled with good food and even better people. Here’s to you and yours!



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