You know how it is when you have a great idea and the best of intentions to get it done, but you can’t ever quite seem to get there? The idea to make a personal blog detailing our journey as young parents, new homeschoolers and novice home renovators went something like that. has always been for our photography business, with a little personal musings sprinkled in every once in a while, but today I’ve decided to expand it’s horizons. I want to document our family and the life we have together — not just the photos of it (though there will be plenty of those), but also how I feel about this time in our life and the details of what we accomplished together. It’s all so fleeting and I want to always remember and appreciate what we have. I also want our children to have a place to look back and reflect along with the younger versions of ourselves. What better place for that really, than a blog with our name?

So as of today, this is no longer just a place for the work of McLellan Style (and if you’re here for that, I hope you’ll humor me). This is a place for the life of the McLellan Crew. It’s a jumble of wrangling four kids, juggling multiple businesses, building our forever home and creating adventures along the way. Our day-to-day has been this way for a long time and I’m excited for this blog to reflect that now too.

I’ll be post-dating old adventures, so feel free to peruse the Personal archives for new content if you’re so inclined. We’d love to have you along for the journey. :)


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