Having a professional take beautiful photos of you with those you love is something I think everyone should have on a regular basis. But what about when the professional photographer isn’t around? Everyday life deserves beautiful imagery to preserve it forever and that’s what this post is about. Below are 5 tips for creating better photos, no matter your skill level or the type of camera you own.

In fact, the photos in this post were all taken with an iPhone only.

This way you can really get an idea of what’s possible with the camera you probably have in your pocket right now.

1. Look for the light.

When shooting indoors during the day, try to position your subjects near a window and put yourself on the same side as the light.

When outside in bright sun, look for solid shade, the emphasis being on “solid”. A shade tree can work so long as there isn’t light coming through the leaves and creating undesirable blotches on your subject. The shade of a building is almost always a win.

Also, when shooting in the shade, the very edge of the shade has the very best light.

2. Get Closer.

This applies primarily to portraits. Compose your shot where you would be first inclined to do so, and then get much much closer for a more intimate view.

You can also do some composing after the fact by experimenting with cropping. Often time the difference between a good and a great image is just giving it the right crop.

3. Shoot from different angles.

Rather than just taking the straight-on shot, try shooting from above or below your subject. Shoot down the length of a door, or leave a lot of negative space around your subject. Mix it up.

4. Have your subjects do something other than sit and smile.

Don’t stop the action to have everyone look at the camera! The best photos are of people enjoying each other or doing something.

5. Practice, Experiment and Play.

Have fun with your personal photos! Try new things and do it often. You’re sure to improve if you do and when you see your personal photos down the road, you’ll be so glad you did!

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